Northcliffe Students
Vision: The vision of Northcliffe Students is to create a safe environment where students are able to come, learn, and live out how to love God personally, live intentionally, and serve passionately.
Foundations: At Northcliffe Students, we want every aspect of our ministry to revolve around three categories under the umbrella of the Gospel, these three categories are discipleship, evangelism, and missions.
Our student ministry is made up of 6th – 12th grade students from multiple counties. We utilize a wide variety of methods, events, and programs to accomplish our purpose. We have many opportunities to help you grow in your relationship with God and others. We have Life Groups (small groups), student worship services, concerts, camps, retreats, mission trips, and many other events throughout the year.

Weekly Gatherings

Student Impact- Every Wednesday night during the school year, students gather to worship at 6:30 pm in the Family Life Center. This time of worship is structured to meet the specific needs of our city’s teenagers.  
Life Groups- Every Sunday morning at 9:00 am students gather in the Family Life Center and divide up by age and gender specific groups led by two adults connecting to God’s Word through an application driven lesson and connecting to one another through Gospel-centered relationships.
Discipleship Groups– Students have the opportunity throughout the week to grow closer to Jesus and friends. Check our Northcliffe Students Facebook page for more information.
Life on Mission- Students are being equipped through Student Impact, Life Groups, and Discipleship Groups in order that they are prepared to share the Gospel and make disciples on their campus, in the workforce, with their families, and around the world.
DOWNLOAD AND PRINT A 2019-2020  Medical Release Form Use it for all our upcoming events!
Many parents see the teenage years as something to simply survive. Many say, “If I can just get my child through the next few years, my life will go back to normal.” It seems like when our children reach the age of 12 an alien comes down and sucks their sweet, innocent little brain out and replaces it with an anti-Christ-like brain!
At Northcliffe we believe the teenage years aren’t something to simply “survive.” We believe it is the age of opportunity. Your children will grow more spiritually during their teenage years than at any other time in their lives. It is the age where most students come to know the Lord, and the age where most students walk away from God and never look back. We want to help parents during these critical years. We’ve included links to some great information for parents.
Here are some helpful online resources for you and your family: – Homepage of Dr. Richard Ross, professor at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, founder of the True Love Waits campaign, and the Turning Hearts Tour. – Focus on the Family webpage. Dr. James Dobson shares insight into raising families in today’s world. – Webpage of the Southern Baptist Convention – Free Devotion for Families – The home page for Florida Baptist’s – LifeWay Christian Resources is one of the world’s largest providers of Christian products and services.