Small Groups are opportunities for us to be challenged to grow in our walk with Christ in a safe place. These groups come together to edify one another through the in-depth study of God’s word through a variety of study topics, methods, and directions. The goal of these groups is for us to have a better understanding of God, how He is acting in our world, how He is acting in our lives, what He desires from us, and how we can better understand ourselves.
Our goal in every Small Group is that we will grow closer to God and to who He desires us to be.
Small Group Update – January 2021
In an effort to remain proactive in keeping our families safe, with the CDC projecting a spike in cases, we are moving our Sunday Small Groups online or off campus for the month of January. Below is a list of our groups who are currently meeting. At the bottom of the page is a list of our normal Small Groups. 


Meeting In Person
  • AWAKE – Seeing the World Differently – Wednesday at 6:30 PM
Meeting Online
  • Willing Workers- Sunday at 11:00 AM
  • Disciple Makers- Sunday at 9:00 AM
  • Daniel and Revelation- John Reddy Tuesday at 7:00 PM
  • Faith Walkers- Sunday AM
  • Mom’s Bible Study – Tuesday at 9:30 AM


Home Groups

  • A Closer Walk Sundays at 5:00 PM
  • Faith and Reason Fridays at 6:30 PM


Video Group: Recording a video and then posting to their Facebook group with discussion in the comments.
  • Married with Children
For a brief description of each group, simply click the group name. If you are interested in joining a group, click the Join a Group button at the bottom of the page. If you have questions regarding any of the groups or Small Groups in general contact Pastor Ben Ellis by e-mail – or call the church office at 352-683-5882.
9:00 AM
Leaders: Brian & Suzette Ladouceur
Building D, Room 22
Leaders: Andrew & Michelle Chamberlin
Family Life Center, First Floor
Leaders: Chris & Stephanie Chambers
Building D, Room 20
Leaders: Armand & Marcy Zeron
Building D, Room 30
Begins October 11, 2020
Leaders: Harry & Cherie Downing
Building D, Room 28
10:30 AM
Leaders: Stan & Gail Barnes
Building D, Room 11
Leaders: John & Jo Smith
Family Life Center
Leader: John Graham
Building G, Room 16
We respectfully ask that you wear a mask when
attending the Willing Workers group at this time.
 Leaders: Jerry Bauman & Dick Beaudoin
Fellowship Hall
Leader: Keith Carlson
Building D, Room 12
 Leaders: Fran Welch
Building D, Room 7
 Leaders: Rick Gentry
Building D, Room 1
 Leaders: Pat Welch
Building D, Room 4
We respectfully ask that you wear a mask when
attending the King’s Daughter group at this time.
 Leader: Elaine Wooten
Building D, Room 8
Ladies Bible Study
Currently On Break
Leader: Maryann McCleave
7:00 PM
Mom’s Bible Study
Philippians with Jo Saxon
Leader: Cheryl Uroda
9:30 AM
Building D, Room 30
Ladies Bible Study
Currently On Break
Leader: Marcia Waugh
10:00 AM
Leader: John Reddy
7:30 PM 
Online Group
Adult Bible Study
Beginning February 3rd
Leader: Pastor Jerry Waugh
 11:00 AM
 Family Life Center
 Video version also available for viewing.
Leader: Pastor Ben Ellis
6:30 PM 
Family Life Center- Main Floor
Colossians- Men’s Bible Study
 Leader: John Graham
6:30 PM
Building D, Room 8
We didn’t forget about the rest of your family. Northcliffe offers programs for kids and students. 
For all the details click each ministry to view their page. 
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