Northcliffe Online Studies
Life Groups are an opportunity for long range consistent studying of God’s word in community with others.  These are groups of people who desire many of the same things as us and who will walk beside us as we journey together towards being who God created us to be.  These are groups where we fellowship together, pray for one another, study the Bible, worship God, and invite others into the community.  If you try one Life Group and it doesn’t feel like a good fit, feel free to try another.  The goal is to find a place where we can walk through life together, encourage one another, and point one another towards God. 
A Closer Walk (Co-ed)
Leaders: Keith and Judy Carlson
We want to gather together to have an interactive Bible study, as we walk alongside the biblical characters in the Old Testament looking at their lives, how the trials they faced grew their faith in God’s movement, and how we can start to apply that same kind of faith in our lives.  We will journey together through the text and work through various issues as we learn together.
Disciple Makers (Co-ed 30-80)
Leader: Chris Chambers
When we are saved we are called to be disciples of Jesus who are making disciples of others.  Making disciples can sound like a daunting task, but
through reading God’s Word verse by verse, we see the places in our lives where we can be better disciples and where we can disciple others. God 
changes us by beginning on the inside of who we are and allow that to change who we are on the outside. He changes our priorities so that we value
God first, others second, and ourselves last.  Join us as we discover what Christ is making in us. 
Faith and Reason (Co-ed 35-55)
Leaders: Armand and Marcy Zeron
We are sometimes left searching for answers when we are asked by our friends and family to explain what we believe and why. Our life group seeks to delve deeper into God’s Word together and learn how to explain our faith and live it daily in today’s world. We come together as a group to pray for one another, live life together and encourage/support one another through life’s daily challenges.
Faith Walkers (Co-ed 60+)
Leader: John Graham
The Bible is more than a book. The Bible is God’s way of revealing himself to us. In our group we concentrate on understanding the Bible the way God revealed it to us, by looking at scripture in a methodical and enlightening way. We study God’s Word in the fellowship of other believers, and build relationships that help us live out our faith in our daily lives.
Seeking Him (Co-ed 40+)
Leaders: Stan and Gail Barnes
Our main purpose in our life group is to help lead people into a deeper Biblical understanding and to live a purposeful obedient life that will honor Jesus Christ and to build up each other. To rejoice when they rejoice and to comfort when times get rough. We have a very discussion style class. Everyone is strongly encouraged to voice their opinions. We believe that interaction will make the teaching of Christ ‘stick’ better and will help build a more ‘family type’ of connection than merely preaching. Our goal is to keep things interesting, relevant to everyday life, and Biblically sound.
Christian Life Development Groups (CLD Groups) are opportunities for us to be challenged to grow in our walk with Christ in a safe place. These groups come together to edify one another through the in-depth study of God’s word through a variety of study topics, methods, and directions. The goal of these groups is for us to have a better understanding of God, how He is acting in our world, how He is acting in our lives, what He desires from us, and how we can better understand ourselves.
Our goal in every CLD Group is that we will grow closer to God and to who He desires us to be.
Galatians (Mom’s Bible Study)
Leader: Cheryl Uroda
Location: Online Meetings 
When: Tuesdays @ 9 AM
Cost: Free
Begins: June 23, 2020
The Mom’s Bible Study is an ongoing bible study group. Together, we are growing in our spiritual walk and in our walk as mothers to God’s children. We encourage one another and look to God’s word for guidance as parents and Christians. We chose studies that run from 6 – 8 weeks. During this session we will be studying the book of Galatians. We hope you can join us, even if it is only for this study. 
To register for this class: Mom’s Bible Study

Daniel: Trusting God When Your World Is Turned Upside Down

Leader: Pastor Jerry Waugh

Location: Online video accessible through our Discipleship Resources from our Pastoral Team page. Each week’s Bible study is posted on Wednesdays.

Description: As was true for Daniel in having to leave familiar Jerusalem and go to unfamiliar Babylon; in 2020, we have left our familiar world, and presently live in a very unfamiliar world. It is to our benefit to turn in God’s Word and see how Daniel trusted God when everything in his world had been turned upside down. The theme of the book of Daniel is the universal sovereignty of God – God has supreme reign over everything (Daniel 4:17). A good truth to remember when our world has drastically changed.

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