Northcliffe Groups

Life Groups are an opportunity for long range consistent studying of God’s word in community with others.  These are groups of people who desire many of the same things as us and who will walk beside us as we journey together towards being who God created us to be.  These are groups where we fellowship together, pray for one another, study the Bible, worship God, and invite others into the community.  If you try one Life Group and it doesn’t feel like a good fit, feel free to try another.  The goal is to find a place where we can walk through life together, encourage one another, and point one another towards God. 

9 AM Life Groups
These Life Groups meet at 9:00, and then attend our  band-led worship service at 10:30.
Image Bearers (Ladies)
Leaders: Lori Ann Garcia
Location: Building D, Room 27
Sometimes we just need people we connect with, who share the same struggles we have. We want to connect with people who want to find themselves in their faith and understand where God is leading them in this journey of faith. These are the thoughts and feelings that ground the Image Bearers class. A class for women who want to understand God and how He is moving in their lives, and some of the greatest challenges of their lives. 
Faith and Reason (Co-ed 35-55)
Leaders: Armand and Marcy Zeron
Location: Building D, Room 30
We are sometimes left searching for answers when we are asked by our friends and family to explain what we believe and why. Our life group seeks to delve deeper into God’s Word together and learn how to explain our faith and live it daily in today’s world. We come together as a group to pray for one another, live life together and encourage/support one another through life’s daily challenges.
Disciple Makers (Co-ed 30-80)
Leader: Chris Chambers
Location: Building D, Room 20
When we are saved we are called to be disciples of Jesus who are making disciples of others. Making disciples can sound like a daunting task, but through reading God’s Word verse by verse we see the places in our lives where we can be better disciples and where we can disciple others. God changes us by beginning on the inside of who we are and allows that to change who we are on the outside. He changes our priorities so that we value God first, others second, and ourselves last. Join us as we discover what Christ is making in us.
Fresh Hope (Co-ed 40-60)
Leaders:  Harry & Cherie Downing
Location: Building D, Room 28
One of the challenges that we all face is the way the world we live in influences and impacts what we think, believe, and how we live. Our goal is to challenge how our world tries to influence us by gathering together to study God’s word, to pray for one another, to live life together, and support one another as we overcome the challenges of our lives. As we share our lives together we dig deeper into the hope that only Christ can give.
Married with Children
Leaders: Brian and Suzette Ladouceur
Location: Building D, Room 22
Family is one of the greatest gifts God gives us and one of the greatest influences in our lives.  Spouses influence one another, parents are responsible for caring, growing, and discipling their children, and children are responsible to their parents.  Those relationships can be the happiest relationships we have, and sometimes the most challenging relationships of our lives. Join us as we walk through what it means to grow spiritually as individuals, as parents, and to guide our children towards God.
 Vine and Branches
Leaders: Andrew and Michelle Chamberlin
Location:Family Life Center, Room 110
The foundational issue of our lives is our relationship to God.  We want to make sure that who we are is who God desires us to be.  To do that we need to be anchored in His Word.  We are a small group that wants to grow up around the Word of God, in fellowship and community with one another, and to be looking towards what God has called us to be.
10:30 AM Life Groups
These Life Groups worship in our choir-led service at 9:00, then meet in their respective groups at 10:30.
Seeking Him (Co-ed 40+)
Leaders: Stan and Gail Barnes
Location: Building D, Room 11
Our main purpose in our life group is to help lead people into a deeper Biblical understanding and to live a purposeful obedient life that will honor Jesus Christ and to build up each other. To rejoice when they rejoice and to comfort when times get rough. We have a very discussion style class. Everyone is strongly encouraged to voice their opinions. We believe that interaction will make the teaching of Christ ‘stick’ better and will help build a more ‘family type’ of connection than merely preaching. Our goal is to keep things interesting, relevant to everyday life, and Biblically sound.
The Friendly Group (Co-ed)
Leaders: John and Jo Smith
Location: Family Life Conference Center, First Floor
A life group of senior adults who actively serve the church in a variety of ways. Our primary goal is to connect with one another in community and allow our Bible study to change our hearts and minds. We are a group who strives to come together and rejoice with those who rejoice, and mourn with those who mourn. We want our shared life to spill over into all of the connections we make in our faith journey.  
Faith Walkers (Co-ed 60+)
Leader: John Graham
Location: Building G, Room 16
The Bible is more than a book. The Bible is God’s way of revealing himself to us. In our group we concentrate on understanding the Bible the way God revealed it to us, by looking at scripture in a methodical and enlightening way. We study God’s Word in the fellowship of other believers, and build relationships that help us live out our faith in our daily lives.
Willing Workers (Co-ed 65+)
Leaders: Jerry Bauman and Dick Beaudoin
Location: Fellowship Hall
A place where senior adults can connect in a traditional atmosphere of Bible study and fellowship. This life group is a steady connection to the greatest parts of our Baptist traditions while still seeking to impact the life of our church today. There is a great need for senior adults to connect with one another and impact the culture of our families, our friendships, and our communities. Here we learn how God has been shaping and preparing us to continually be an active part of our community of faith.
Peacemakers (Co-ed 55+)
Leader: Rick Gentry
Location: Building D, Room 1

We want to study the Bible and apply it to our lives.  We want to see our group grow more into who God desires us to be.  We believe that through growing together as a community of believers we can be better peacemakers in our own lives and be advocates for peace in the lives of others.

King’s Daughters (Ladies)
Leader: Elaine Wooten
Location: Building D, Room 8
Lives are changed by interactions with God’s Word. This is a time when we can dig deeply into the Word of God, by working through it one verse at a time. The in depth bible study allows us to see who God has revealed Himself to be, and how he wants us to live in light of His presence among us. We would love for ladies to come along side us as we explore God’s word together.
Women of Grace
Leader: Pat Welch
Location: Building D, Room 4
We are women who are growing in the grace of God through the study of his word and the fellowship of believers who are on the same journey we are. We hold one another up in prayer and fellowship, and look to be more like Jesus in our everyday walk with him.
Encouragers (Co-ed 70+)
Leader: Fran Welch
Location: Building D, Room 7
We are a group of senior adults who are a part of a community of faith and service. We are growing in the grace and knowledge of the Lord, while serving one another to help meet the physical and spiritual needs of our group, and being active in the life of our church family. We value sincerity of faith, love, and trust in one another as we study the Bible to learn and be more like Jesus.
A Closer Walk (Co-ed)
Leaders: Keith and Judy Carlson
Location: Family Life Center, First Floor
We want to gather together to have an interactive Bible study, as we walk alongside the biblical characters in the Old Testament looking at their lives, how the trials they faced grew their faith in God’s movement, and how we can start to apply that same kind of faith in our lives.  We will journey together through the text and work through various issues as we learn together.