One of the main goals we maintain here at Northcliffe is consistently connecting people with resources that a will help us in our walk with Jesus as we grow to be more like Him.  The advent of COVID-19 has not changed that commitment and we are looking forward to sharing with you the resources that can be helpful to you.  Next week we hope to have more resources available to you from the leaders of our community of faith, but we also want to make sure that you are aware of the discipleship resources that are already available to you right now.  Check out some of what you have access to already. 


We have archived sermons that are available on the website.  Over the years we have stockpiled the teaching of pastors Jeff, Jerry, and Ben as well as guest speakers from a variety of moments in the life of Northcliffe.  These are a wealth of biblical teaching that you can watch for the first time or re-watch for edification and growth.  You can access these resources by clicking the following link
Discipleship Resources from the
Pastoral Team
As we have faced the need for social distancing and the limiting of group gatherings we want to be sure that you still have access to encouragement and teaching from our team.  By following the link below you will find a growing number of video resources from your pastoral team that will help encourage you and help you grow in your walk with Christ.  This is an amazing opportunity to ramp up your engagement in your walk with Christ as many of the normal distractions have diminished.  We hope that you will make use of these resources and if you have any questions please reach out to us.  We would love to continue to walk alongside you in your spiritual growth.(
Small Groups
We currently have groups who are meeting online and in homes to study the word of God and share life together. For a complete list of our online groups go to:

Right Now Media 

In addition to working through some of the past sermons we have access to an amazing tool called Right Now Media (  Some of you have already taken advantage of this resource and know that it is an amazing opportunity to connect with all kinds of discipleship content.  However, before you can use it you need to set up an account. 

If you will email me at I would love to give you access to this free resource with all kinds of options for Bible studies and topical Bible studies that will help you grow in your faith.

If you are looking at using some of the Right Now Media resources but aren’t sure where to start here are some recommendations from Pastor Ben: 

Strengthening your Marriage:
  • You and Me Forever with Lisa and Francis Chan
  • Mingling of Souls with Matt Chandler
Families with Small Children: 
  • 1 John: What Makes a Christian? with Phil Vischer                            (Creator of Veggie Tales) 

Families with Students (Middle or High School) 

  • For guys: Jonah with Eric Mason
  • For ladies: Ruth with Bianca Juárez Olthoff
  • For both: Control with D.A. Horton -OR- Get Out of Your Head         with Jennie Allen
  • For Students Who Want to Dig Deep: Apologetics with William       Lane Craig

Digging Deep (adults and families with students) 

  • If God is God why do Bad things Happen with Os Guinness
  • Assured: Why You Can Stop Asking Jesus Into Your Heart with       JD Greear


  • Every Good Gift with Ann Voskamp
  • Nice with Sharon Hodde Miller


  • It Starts at Home with Gary Thomas 
  • Be a Godly Man with Joby Martin
Reaching Out to Your Community
  • Threads with David Platt
Again, if you don’t already have a Right Now Media account please email me so that I can send you an invite to create an account and make all of the Right Now Media resources available to you.  These video resources are free to everyone who is a member of Northcliffe Church.  



When I was in seminary podcast became a tool that was versatile and beneficial for me.  Below is a list of podcasts that I listen to on a regular basis for encouragement, teaching, and growing in my walk with God.  Additionally, there is one podcast that is produced by a couple of members of Northcliffe.  Use these as another tool for you to grow in your walk with Christ 

  • Truth for Life 
  • The Briefing 
  • Let My People Think 
  • People in Exile 
All of these can be found in the AppStore or the Google Play Store.