Life seems to be constantly changing – jobs, schools, relationships, home, marriage and family. In a world where we can’t count on much, we long for something…someone we can count on. Northcliffe doesn’t have all the answers to life’s problems, but we know WHO does!
We all need a faith that can handle life’s tough questions and tough times. We believe there is a faith that meets every challenge life may bring your way – faith that can make a difference when you experience disappointments and fear, or even when you face death. Every Sunday, through the music and the message, we point people to the One Who is always there and Who always cares.
No matter what stage of life you’re in, you can find an atmosphere of genuine friendliness here. Whether you’re a single adult, newly married, having your first baby, sending your children off to college, or retired, you can find people here to share with, laugh with, and seek God with.
Over 1,000 people from the Spring Hill area come to Northcliffe each Sunday. They come here because they find genuine care, meaningful worship experiences with God, and practical messages that can be applied to every day problems and needs.
We are not just a growing church – we are a growing church family! No matter how tough life may be, it’s always easier to get through it with the love and support of a family. For over 3 decades in the Spring Hill area, people in all stages of life have found a place here at Northcliffe that they call “home”.