Christian Life Development groups are groups that come together to edify one another through the
in-depth study of God’s word through a variety of study topics, methods, and directions. The goal of these groups is for us to have a better understanding of God, how is acting in our world, how is acting in our lives, what he desires from us, and how we can better understand ourselves. There is always a variety of opportunities to learn and grow more throughout the week. Check out the current opportunities below!
Conversational Sign
Leader: Judy Towne
When: Tuesdays @ 7:00 pm | Beginning 9/11
Location: Building D, Room 1 | Cost: None 
In this conversational sign course learn the basics of how to communicate with the deaf community in our church and in our community at large. Learn to start and carry out meaningful conversations with our neighbors who speak a fun, interesting, and dynamic language.  Learn a language so we can continue to show the love of God to our neighbors.  
Ephesians  (Men’s Bible Study)
Leader: John Graham
When: Wednesdays at 6:30 PM  | Beginning 8/15
Location: Building D, Rooms 1-3
The Northcliffe Men’s Bible Study will begin a new study on the book of Ephesians.  It is an in depth look at a book that challenges what we think about Christ, what we believe about ourselves, and to lead lives in keeping with the Gospel of Jesus.  
The Jesus Journey Leader: Pastor Jerry Time: Wednesdays @ 11 AM | Beginning 8/15 Location: Family Life Center | Cost: None
The Jesus Journey. This is a verse by verse study of the book of Matthew. In this study we will see how Matthew intended to show how Jesus Christ was the promised Messiah. More than any other Gospel, the Gospel of Matthew quotes the Old Testament to show how Jesus fulfilled the words of all the prophets. We will also see Matthew’s love and concern for people as he shares his experiences his life on this journey with Jesus.
Science and the Bible Leader: Robert Keene When: Wednesday @ 6:30 PM| Beginning 8/15 Location: Building D Rooms 12-14 | Cost: None One of the most common thoughts in our culture today is that what is taught in the Bible is opposed to what we learn in science. What if what we learn in the sciences confirmed what we know already know to be true from the story of creation? In this exciting study learn how the creation narrative actually sets the foundation for science and how the discoveries in science line up with what we know in the Bible.